Sophie Kinsella does it again!

I have to admit, I haven't been the best reader for a while now. I felt as though I should be reading the classics or YA fiction or the books floating around the internet. Then one of my favorite writers, Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopoholic series, came out with a stand-alone novel. 

My Not So Perfect Life is a story about a girl (wow) who is trying to live up to social media's standards of a "perfect life". There were times in the story that I felt were a bit ahhh really? But the characters, emotions, and prose of the story tied well together. 

I adore Kinsella as a writer, and this was a good read. 

As the first book I've read for 2017, I'm a happy camper. 

You can buy My Not So Perfect Life at Book Depository for AUD $21.00. 

Rudimentary tips for university | Part 1

Education has always been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me. I did my primary school education at a  private school in Australia then my tertiary education in Pakistan, homeschooled. It wasn't the best thing but I learnt loads. Then we came back to Australia before I started university so I had to do a year-long university pathway that is equivalent to first year at university. I worked really hard and got into one of the best universities in Australia - a dream I had but never thought would actually happen. During the pathway program, I learnt a lot regarding how to study and get the best results, so I thought I would share some, considering studying is a huge part of my life. Plus I like lists. 

Don't fall into the trap of buying pretty notebooks and distributing your units per notebook. It get's confusing after a while, plus losing a notebook (especially a day before an exam) is bound to happen. 
Buy one good notebook - you can either split it per unit or use sticky tabs to identify the unit. It's less confusing and helps to keep organised. 
A hardcover notebook works well, just be sure that the pages are thick enough that they don't bleed ink! 
Colourful pens are life. I adore the Muji gel pens, they don't bleed and they are pretty cheap. Plus, highlighters will help life loads - just make sure that all these colourful goodies are in a sturdy pouch. I am currently saving up to buy a Gucci pouch - I know, I know...but it'll be a lifelong investment. 

A good bag it a must. Invest in a bag that can hold a good amount of like a water bottle, notebooks and a laptop. The best bag for university is a backpack. I used a back for the first six months and my back loved me for it, the rest of the six months I switched to a shoulder bag and my neck is still in pain. Plus it is such a pain to fumble in your bag to find your wallet, notebook etc in a tote bag! 
Also invest time into your studies. Essays are not going to write them self. Plan out the essay beforehand, distribute your paragraphs and write a little bit everyday then work on it.
(Ps. I'll type up some of my favorite tips that always land me a distinction soon!)

Your goals are your own. They fit to your life journey. Have visual stimulation near you to help you focus. Studyblrs are an amazing kick to the ass to get you going!
Essays require full attention, use a pomodoro app to help you split your time. One of my favorite things to do is to open a tab streaming a new episode of Modern Family, put a twenty minute timer on, do work till that goes off then watch the episode. It helps to keep your mind fresh.

A couple of tips that I hope may help! I'll add more soon! 


Greetings. This is my third attempt at blogging and hopefully my last. When I began blogging, it was genuine then I started copying other blogs and not being content with my own. 

This time round, I'm going to do it my way. Here are a few facts about me.

1. My name is Kulsoom. It's Arabic and means purity (as far as I know...)
2. I am twenty-one.
3. I am an undergrad at the University of Sydney, majoring in International Relations.
4. I love studying.
5. I've been married for two years.
6. I live in Sydney.
7. This blog is a high anxiety point for my but I want to, nay, need to bite the bullet.
8. I hope this turns out alright...

I have no schedule, a limited amount of ideas and no storage on my phone. 
This could be a bad idea.
But I'm going for it.